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Welcome porn fans to one of the hidden secretes of the world, well maybe not the world but if your looking to a ways to stream porn annononoulsy then using streaming video on demand is soon going to be become your best friend as not only can you access thousands of videos you'll get them for a fraction of buying DVDs

Streaming VOD is NOT a new innovation in fact its been around for a while but now that so many UK adult DVDs shops are closeing this is now being made avalalbe to UK and european customers that want to gain access to hardcore adult porn and with its affordability and ease of use many porn buyers are movies over to using streaming porn as a way of getting there porn fix.

How Does Streaming VOD work?

Streaming works in four different formats or ways of viewing each of those will offer different features depending on what you want or expect from your porn streaming these four ways are

  • Streaming
  • Download
  • PPV ( pay per view)
  • Download and keep

With the streaming option it offers fast and cheap access to movies with almost instant viewing although it will depend on your access speed but as most people these days will be using broadband you certinally wont be waiting around for ages for movies to start -

Posted before are some of the FAQ's people tend to ask when considering accessing streaming porn on demand - how every for a full list including techinal questions just follow any of the links detailed on this site

  • How long does it take before the film starts streaming - within a few seconds in fact the time it takes to get comfortabler the movie will start
  • Whats the streaming period - 48 hours
  • What payments methods can I use - only visa
  • Do I get all the DVD features - YES, pause, stop in fact any feature thaqts on the DVD you'll also get
  • How many videos can I stream - as many as you like there is no limit to the amount of titles you can stream
  • How much does it cost - depending on the film anywhere between $5-7 so about the same cost as renting a dvd from your local store but trust me you'll never get these dvds from yourt local store
  • Do I have to download or install any software - nope, everything will all ready be installed on your PC as it either uses Real Player or Windows Media Player
  • what happens if the movie wont start - not a problem we have support via chat live system meaning someone is always on hand 247

These are just a few questions but if you have anymore than just follow the links for a full details on streaming porn, but you can trust me that once you get into streaming adult dvds you will never buy another adult dvd again

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