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Smooth shaven pussies is their any other way to look at a cunt especially if your going to streaming porn ! after all whilst you do have the hairy girls for me the only way to enjoy a looking at a women cunt is with it clean shaven and fortunately the porn industry know that and have offered us a massive range of videos for fans of clean shaved cunts

With so many streaming titles you really can choose from videos with girls shaving or that have just shaved to girls fucking with clean cunts, although they normally don't stay like that for long after all theirs nothing better than watching a girl take a good fucking then have some guy shoot his load of a smooth babe and if you get that ultimate creampie shot its a bonus

No matter what your sexual attraction is for girls with clean shaved cunts the video on demand porn industry has no sorted of great films and whilst the vast majority of women these days are shaven if you want to watch these women shave then the choice isn't so good but we still have them !!

Recent Smooth Streamed titles

Rather than just putting up loads of videos that show bare beavers this page will feature girls that are either shaving or just shaven and offering us fans of clean cunts a look at a women just after she's finished and has the smooth like cunt that we all love to stream

  • Young Shavers 2
    Is their anything better in life than watching a young women with a clean wet fanny and these women show us what goes on when young women are home alone with nothing but a razor some shaving foam and some luded up fingers and your cock will be hard watching these horny, young coeds first shave to a smooth groom - more
  • ATK Hairy To Shaved
    here you get the best od both worlds from super hairy,natural bushie or perhaps you like women that are smooth shaved as a babies bottom. The video opens with these women showing their beavers off before moving into the bathroom and the form comes out and they start to shave. ATK Hairy To Shaved satisfies your every fetish if you love girls that like to grow harry cunts then clean shave allowing us to watch it all. The movie is over three scenes! each scene starts hairy ends shaved this video delivers a perfectly shaved beaver - more
  • Shave Dat Nappy Thang 3
    Heatwave Entertainment offer us there third streaming video featuring black girls with shaven cunts, although they don't start this way and fortunately for people that love to watch girls shaving shows us horny black girls that clean shave down to a smooth bare beaver all you need now is some luded up fingers and and this makes one video you don't want to miss - more
  • Smooth As Silk
    they are silky smooth, tight pussy and these beauties show off their silky smooth pussies after all how else would you really want to look at a hot young babe thats one the bare as she was born and these girls here are every bit silky smooth, tight pussy and ready to take a good fucking. With hardcore scenes from lesbian, threesomes and some great double fucking penetration - more

Whilst most porn movies these days will feature bare beavers these videos feature around girls that like to show you them shaving and getting that smooth fannie look we are love to look at or better still fuck, so enjoy the previewed titles here or for a full list use the link below to access all the movies we have for vod streaming, download or PPV

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