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Want to see what these women can handle? check out this sample video and if your lucky to have a wife or girlfriend that loves massive things inserted into her show her this video and see if she can match these girls!!!

You have to admirer a women that can force massive unusual objects like this into her cunt and here are some free screen shots more details - click here




Anything goes inside these girls hardcore porn 247

You know when it cum's to shocking penetrations and women inserting what only be classed as huge bizarre insertions these streaming DVDS really do make you re think what a women's cunt can handle!! and these girls just love to stuff bizarre incredible huge items into hot fannies

It seems like every thing and anything can be used to fuck these shaven cunts from fruit & vegetables, bottles, baseball bats and it goes without saying fists & feet !! yes feet now that takes some talent to get a foot pushed into your cunt! but these streaming videos prove its done and enjoyed

The videos here all have one theme and its not women using unusual objects on stretched open fannies then look elsewhere but for me I love to watch a women taking a fisting or better still any other odd objects that would probably better suited in the kitchen

Recent bizarre penetrations DVDS

All the videos on this page which by the way are streaming titles only feature girls that love to take huge objects into their fannies and whilst fist do play a part of that I've only really featured DVDS that show girls using unusual objects rather than just the fist that will follow later on within its own dedicated page

  • Crazy Insertions 2
    you know there's few women that can handle what Monika does and unfortunately I know nothing about this women other than she's got a cunt and arse that will take anything from vegetables to tripped penetrations dildos fuck's! now I know some women can handle double fucking's either from guys or dildos but three dildos forced into a cunt at the same time is something to see and trust me looking at how easy these dildos slipped in she could probably handle more, and thats where other bizarre objects like lemons, bottles and even water melons inside her cunt, needless to say a women that can handle this amount of stretch takes a fisting with ease but when the fisting is done by herself its something to stream - more
  • Getting Wet With My Baseball Bat
    It seems baseball bats seem to have another use these days as no longer are they used to ball balls but no pushed deep into open cunts and these girls have no worries in standing up and lowering themselves down onto massive baseball bats, just stream this video as these extreme sluts from shameless productions take baseball bats deep into themselves, if these bats where arms these girls would be taking it right up to the elbow - more
  • Over Stuffed 5
    You know its the use of impossibly large objects that get forced into tite little pussies that amaze me in these videos although perhaps they are not so tight after all if they can get fucked by a baseball bat image trying to fuck one of these women when you little 10" pecker wont even touch the sides. These girls live for one thing to stuff literally themselves to the breaking point with huge objects and just imagine what they can do with willing rock hard cock - more
  • Elbow Deep: 100 Percent Hardcore Fisting 2
    Extreme fist fucking sluts from the only country that would dare to produce such a hardcore subject as deep elbow fisting and pussy / anal stretching as the germans bring you there view on what shocking penetrations are REALLY about. Its 2 hours of extreme penetration with fisting to the wrist as they fuck until screaming orgasms - more
  • Vegetable Diet (read veiw - women fucking with vegetables)
    What do you do with your vegetables? eat them!!! well you would have though so but not the girls here they look at a vegetable and knickers get pulled to one side lubed up shaven cunts then any types of vegetables get pushed deep into cunts and these women whilst they will eat them their preference is to fuck themselves with some pretty big insertions. - more

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