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Caning a welcome into the streaming corporal punishment and role playing for the discerning porn DVDS buyer, why do I say discerning, mainly because most if not all off the caning streaming porn tells both story and offers punishments to bare buttocks that only people that love caning and masters of disciplines will enjoy

Few porn videos these days will offer such an in depth look into a genre with strong storylines and situations that as a master you would dream of having a young girls bare bum exposed so you could cane or as a women the very idea that someone would use a rattan cane across your ass leaves you wet with excitement

Few studios really do this genre true justice offering up the type of disciplines or corporal punishment that any fan will enjoy and truly understand which is why we have only featured a few DVDS as and any fans of these movies are always eagerly awaiting another production of which Calstar is probably one of the top production companies

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Few studios other than Calstar really offer GOOD streaming caning porn and with their "English Discipline Series " makes them a must view studio, but for the full list of movies just use the link on the bottom of the page

  • Maid For Caning
    Few production studios offers the very level and insight into a genre than Calstar does with its look into caning at the very highest level of discipline - the story is the young lady of the house is rudely awakened by her maid and ordering her outside she tells to her alone however the maid knows that this will get past down the master of the house so rather than feel the slipper across her bare cheeks insists that the young mistress disciplines with the cane, but what she didn't expect was the she would call her father to hand out the caning and he starts by discipline her with his hand across exposed bottom, then the leather strap and lastly a caning across the bare bottom. With any Calstar streaming porn these are NO gonzo movies and the plot lines are as sold as the porn itself - more
  • English Discipline Series: Caning Trilogy
    When the food at a local restaurant goes wrong the owner is not happy with the staff or waitresses and results in a harsh spanking and caning for staff as the gorgeous catering girl takes her spanking punishment but unknown to the owner this young girl is used to taking her punishments from a pervious master. The next story revolves around a dental nurse and lets face it if your going to cane any girl its got to be one in a uniform even better if a nurse ( yes I have a real fetish for nurses) but this pretty young women is drugged then led into a dungeon by a dominatrix for some harsh spanking, caning's and paddled using a whipping stool. - more
  • Peeping Tom
    In this current video by Calstar "Peeping Tom" the head master catches two of his teachers having a strap on fuck and not watching to stop them stands their spying on them but afterwards calls them one at a time into his office to hand out some British corporal punishment that only a headmaster can hand out as he tells the teacher to bend over as he canes her bare bum, then make her not tell the other female teacher as he then calls her in for some further canings but they must keep their canings in order to insure that a bare bottomed caning's stop. Great streaming and a must viewing - more
  • Caned Concubine And Exciting Opportunity
    A rich Arab sheik has expresses interest in handing some discipline to some english girls so arranges for his concubine to bring some girls to him so he can experience what real british corporal punishment is about and hands out some severe discipline upon their bare bottoms in other the way Calstar can video. The next story revolves around a horny housewife that is caught masturbating by the window cleaner and un able to pay her When asking for payment he decides when she says that she can't afford to pay him to exact firm punishment on her bare bottom with a cane - more

We have other studios but for me Calstar are the only true quality studio with both storylines that are completely believable and a high end quality of production that makes their streaming caning porn the only studio to watch

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